Thanksgiving Day Dinner Ideas 2021 For Friends & Family

Thanksgiving 2021 Dinner Ideas – As Thanksgiving day is only a few days away and that’s why everyone making their feasting and dinner ideas ready. Thanksgiving 2019 in the United States will be celebrated on Thursday, 28 November. This festival is a celebration of the beautiful harvest which is the most important thing on this planet. Every culture is respecting the blessing of nature throughout the world with different traditions and activities. But in the USA it’s a national holiday since 1621 when they harvested the first time.

Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas

Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas

People organize Thanksgiving dinner parties at their home and invite their friends and loved ones for the feasting. So, on this auspious occasion, we are providing some of the dishes ideas which you can try and decorate your table to impress your guests.

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  1. Thanksgiving Turkey Dishes – Turkey is the no.1 and most loved dish to have on this day and that’s why Turkey will be almost on every dinner table. With Turkey, you can be creative and make different dishes like roasted Turkey, Turkey with sauce, vegetables, and beans.
  2. Thanksgiving Salad – Those who are vegetarian and don’t want to give with Turkey can try salad like beans, Pumpkin pie, corn, sweet potato, apple, pecan pie, and other fruits.
  3. Thanksgiving Cupcakes – In the modern lifestyle most of us love desserts, ice cream, and cupcakes. On Thanksgiving day 2019, you can try chocolate cupcake which would be the best in the test.
  4. Thanksgiving Corn Dishes – Corn is one the symbolic food of Thanksgiving and we can make lots of dishes combined with fig, vegetables, pie, sauce, and fruits.
  5. Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie – Pumpkin is used for almost every celebration in the United States but Thanksgiving and Halloween are two such occasions when people do a lot with Squash.
  6. Thanksgiving Sweet Potato Dishes – It’s yet another most common and liked Root vegetables for Thanksgiving dinner menu.
  7. Thanksgiving Fig – One very unique and tasty dish is fig itself for Thanksgiving party, especially for vegan. We can try to make different things with Fig like roasting it or trying with butter, sauce or snakes.
  8. Thanksgiving Green Bean – Beens are to be used with corn, sweet potato, pumpkin, pecan, fruits, and other dishes. Sometimes we can fry or roast green beans alone and try as snakes.
  9. Thanksgiving Fruits –  Apple, fig, papaya, berry, and many other fruits are used for Thanksgiving dinner as juice, sauce, soup and snakes.
  10. Thanksgiving Chocolate Brownies, Cranberry Sauce, Apple Dishes, Roasted Vegetables, Pecan Pie, waterfowl, venison, ham, lobster, clams, berries, fruit, pumpkin, and squash are more things to use either after stuffing, roasting or frying.
  11. Cheese Balls
  12. Crab Cakes
  13. Stuffed Mushrooms
  14. Perfect Roast Turkey
  15. Sweet Potato Casserole
  16. Best Ever Green Bean Casserole
  17. Sweet Potato Souffle
  18. Pecan Pie
  19. Apple Pie
  20. Pumpkin Pie
  21. Pumpkin Cake
  22. Pumpkin Cheese rolls
  23. Cookies & Cupcakes
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