How & When Canadian Thanksgiving Is Celebrated?

Thanksgiving Canada is a yearly holiday in Canada which celebrates the blessings of the past year. It is celebrated to show gratitude for the rewards of the past year. On this day, the citizens express recognition to the Almighty God for the harvests of the entire year. It is usually performed annually during the second last month of the year.

Canadian Thanksgiving

Canadian Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Celebration In Canada

It is the celebration for the reaping of the previous year in Canada. All the churches are furnished with different decorative items. The decorations are mainly made from different components of harvests. They are decorated with things like pumpkins, wheat, corn, and many other things. The Canadians meet for grand feasts on this day. However, they can also celebrate it on any day of the entire week. Beautiful dishes are prepared for friends and family. Some of the foods mainly associated with this day are turkeys, potatoes, corn, pies, and many more. People also eat seasonal fruits along with kinds of salads.

Apart from these, several other regional foods are prepared for the feast. On this day people visit their friends and family who live far apart. It is a day of reunion with all friends and family.

Some people also go for short trips or vacations. Pleasant weather prevails at this time, making it perfect for any kind of celebration.

When Canadian Thanksgiving Is Celebrated?

It is an annual festival celebrated by the people of Canada every year. Thanksgiving in Canada is commemorated every year on the second Monday of October. In 1957, the Parliament fixed this date for the celebration every year. Each year during October, the citizens celebrate this event. For this current year, it is October 12.

When & How Thanksgiving Stated In Canada?

According to the records, in 1578,  Martin Frobisher, an explorer from England, along with his crew, came to Nunavut. There he decided to show his gratitude towards the people of Nunavut and decided to hold a feast. All the people ate kinds of beef, biscuits, and many other things. He did this to thank God for keeping him safe all through his voyage. This was the first step towards the concept of Thanksgiving.

Years after this, the settlers from France, after crossing the ocean, arrived in Canada with the explorer Samuel de Champlain also celebrated such rituals. They held feasts to show their gratefulness.

The first official Thanksgiving celebration was done after the Confederation. It was honored as a civic holiday. The day was celebrated to mark the recovery of King Edward VII, the Prince of Wales. He was afflicted with a critical illness.

To show thankfulness to God for the recovery of the king, they celebrated Thanksgiving. Initially, it was not considered a national holiday. It was usually celebrated during the last week of October or early November.

In 1879, Thanksgiving was observed every year during November. In 1957 the day of this celebration was fixed on the second Monday of October. The purpose of Thanksgiving also kept modifying. It is mainly celebrated now to show gratitude for the harvests of the year and other such blessings.

These were some of the essential facts about Thanksgiving Canada. It is a beautiful festival with a meaningful theme. It teaches us how we should be thankful to God for keeping us safe all through the year. It points out the importance of being grateful for the food and harvests we get. It is a perfect day to spend time with your family and friends. I hope you could find some interesting information here.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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